Mona Lisa Touch Patient Testimonial


I want to share with you my experience with having The Mona Lisa Touch, which I had 18 months ago.

My reason for having it is just one issue that Mona Lisa Touch solves amongst a myriad of problems that women encounter, such as UTI’s , incontinence and painful sex.

Several years prior, I started experiencing difficulty when having sex with my partner. I had started to hurt. It started to feel very uncomfortable and very unpleasant. Sex became something to be avoided at all costs! As time went on it became untenable for me to even think about having sex.

This was naturally very distressing for me. No-one had ever told me that this could happen as I entered my middle years. I never expected this! I never expected to be betrayed by my own body in this way.

I felt let down and somewhat ashamed and anxious. I no longer felt feminine, sexy or desirable.

I felt bad for my partner that I could no longer have sex without silently screaming in agony – and he certainly didn’t want to cause me pain!

I traversed the internet trying to find answers to my distress.

“Try HRT – try more foreplay – try lubrication- try Kegel exercises – try meditation – try to relax” WHAT!!??
It all sounded hopeless…

I started confiding in some girlfriends of mine – some of whom were having the same problems. One of them advised “I’ve heard the Mona Lisa Touch is getting really good results – you might want to try that”

So I Googled and read up all I could about Mona Lisa Touch, thinking “maybe Ill give it a go, but Ill try sex once or twice more – and if it still hurts then Ill book in for a session “

So – naturally, sex did continue hurt so I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment.

Well – I have to say – that was the best decision of my life and I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to have it done!

The procedure itself is very simple, fast and pain free. I was in and out in 10 minutes with absolutely no downtime. I had the recommended 3 sessions and in no time at all I was completely cured.

I did not expect such dramatic results so quickly. It totally turned my life around!

I got my libido back and sex was once again a pleasure instead of a pain.

So- I would say this – don’t delay – don’t think like I did, “What if it doesn’t work?”
Don’t put it off – it only gets worse.

And it will definitely work, I am delighted to tell you! It definitely works!

Patient Testimonial

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